TO have fun , keep in touch and not get bored during the coronavirus lockdown has put everyone’s imagination to the test.

To demonstrate the point school pupils, Scouts and Guides, and members of music and sports groups around the country have been coming up with all kinds of creative solutions.

Students from Prince Henry’s Grammar School, for example, have been drawing on their technical, imaginative and sporting skills over the past few weeks to keep their minds occupied.

Pupils from the Otley school have been kept busy enough anyway through a remote programme of academic work that the teachers have been setting online - supported by virtual lessons including peripatetic music classes.

Staff at Prince Henry’s recently made a video called Sending a Smile as a sign of solidarity during these uncertain times, which was shared with students, parents and carers via the school’s website and on local social media pages.

Many heartfelt messages of thanks were received in response along with lots of information about what students have been doing on top of their studies to have fun and stay active.

Students from the Design and Technology faculty have been particularly industrious and undertaking projects as diverse as building a go-kart, making waistcoats for a pet lamb or creating ornate pincushions.

Others, like Year 8 pupil and keen triathlete Aston Brogden and his brother Jenson, from Year 11, have taken to sport for their fun.

The brothers set up and ran their own garden pentathlon which featured speed bounce, shuttle run, vertical jump, standing long jump and target throw events.

Prince Henry’s Headteacher Janet Sheriff says she has been heartened by how everyone has supported each other during the COVID-19 crisis.

She said: “It has been lovely how the school community has come together to keep in touch.

“We might not be physically in the same building but we are all together in spirit.

“I am very proud of how everyone - staff, students and parents and carers - has rallied round to make things work in these difficult times.”