HAWKSWORTH’S past comes to life in this series of photographs, some of which appear to date back more than a century.

All the undated images, showing Main Street, are from the online archive of Aireborough Historical Society.

A wheelwright and blacksmiths shop can be seen in the top left hand photograph.

The picture next to that shows a view toward Odda Lane, with a group of children posing for the camera.

An early view of Main Street, bottom left, show an old woman and small child on one side of the road while a young boy stands on the left.The cart is parked in front of Hawksworth School.

Hawksworth Church of England Primary School was founded in January 1874 and openedwith a school roll of eleven pupils and one teacher.

The middle photograph shows a view of Main Street looking towards Hawksworth Hall. The horse and cart belonged to grocer John Dibb of Guiseley and was used to deliver orders for his customers.

The bottom image shows a postcard which is postmarked 1942 and which looks towards towards Odda Lane.