125 Years Ago - 1895

The members of Ilkley swimming club opened their season on Monday. Before a large audience an exhibition was given by the life saving team, which proved to be very interesting and instructive. This was followed by a polo match between the Ilkley newly-formed club and Keighley. The total score was Keighley four goals and Ilkley two goals. Considering that this was the first match the home club has played, and, with but a second team, we think Ilkley is to be complimented. It is a totally new pastime to the town, and there is every prospect of it being one that will receive a fair amount of patronage.

On Thursday evening Mr. Maurice E. Bandmann’s talented company performed “The Manxman” at the Victoria Hall, to a fairly good audience, in a manner which gave every satisfaction.

100 Years Ago - 1920

In connection with the Ilkley Children’s Holiday Home, at Highfield, which re-opened for the season last week-end, the committee are finding that the children for whom they cater today are of a decidedly different type from those who came to them when the home opened 30 years ago. The effects of elementary school teaching are making themselves felt in a manner which is not only interesting but also full of very high promise. The committee are now making an appeal for gifts of books.

The tolling of the minute bell at the Otley Parish Church on Tuesday afternoon announced the death of Mr. Tom Smith, the lay reader in the Otley parish for the past 30 years, and a man known and beloved by everybody in the town. Mr Smith would have celebrated his 68th birthday yesterday. He died at the home of his son David, at Warsash, near Southampton. Everyone in Otley and district knew Mr. Tom Smith and he knew everybody, welcoming them with a smiling face and a hearty handshake. Ever since his arrival in Otley he had conducted a service at the Workhouse practically every month and once or twice every week he visited the inmates.

75 Year Ago - 1945

A 26-year-old Soviet Infantry officer Captain Vassili Bogatyrev, who in civilian life studied economics at Leningrad University, spoke to a mass meeting of Aireborough youth organisations in Guiseley on Thursday. Mr H Ganney ( Chairman of Aireborough Youth Council), who presided, said that he felt that this country had more to learn from Russia, than Russia had to learn from us. Introducing Captain Bogatyrev, who is the permanent delegate from the Soviet Anti-Facist Youth, to the World Youth Council, Mr Ganney said that the Captain had fought in the battles for Mozdok and Rostoff, and later had taken part in the great battles of the Dnieper. He had lost his father and his two brothers in the advance on Leningrad, and his mother had died during the blockade of the city.

50 Years Ago- 1970

The demolition of Guiseley Providence Methodist Church and the derelict state of the once-proud Queen Street Methodist Church, at neighbouring Yeadon, are sad sights, writes the Rector of Guiseley, the Rev. Francis Noble, in his parish magazine. The Rector comments: “We are not simply talking about the decline of Methodism. In these ecumenical days this too is our sorrow. One wonders what would have happened to many Anglican churches had there been no money forthcoming from the ancient endowments to pay the stipends of the clergy.”

25 Years Ago - 1945

Walking in Hebers Ghyll Woods on the edge of Ilkley Moor Roger Mellor discovered a mysterious metal object. And he believes it could be a piece of history that fell from the sky. While walking in the woods, Mr Mellor’s foot hit something in the undergrowth that drew his attention.”I kicked something metallic and I unearthed it,” he said. Mr Mellor had found what appears to be part of a 1939-1945 war aircraft. It’s a cylinder made from duralumin, and aluminium alloy specially used for aircraft. It is buckled and battered with a bullet hole and the words ‘locate with extreme drop’ located on the side. Mr Mellor would like to know what exactly that is.