A VIBRANT snapshot of church life in Guiseley in the 1930s can be seen in these photographs.

The images are from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society and show some of the activities staged in and around the town’s churches at the time.

In 1930, as part of Guiseley pageant, Fred Eric Rogers and Freda Usher posed in front of the rectory doorway as they re-enacted the

marriage of Maria Branwell to the Rev Patrick Bronte. Maria and and Patrick, who married at Guiseley Parish Church in 1812, were the parents of the world renowned authors, Anne, Charlotte and Emily.

A group of churchmen posed in front of the same doorway between 1939 and 1945. The picture was donated to AHS by Nancy Tordoff-Ives. On the back row, left to right, are verger L Ives, churchwarden Mr Rawnsley, and churchwarden and headmaster of St Oswalds School, Mr Brooks. Front row, left to right, are curate Mr Jarvis, rector Canon Lowe, and curate Mr Stocks.

A picture of the Church Lads Brigade was also taken in front of the old Guiseley Rectory in 1930. In the final two photographs young members of the Primitive Methodists posed for pictures as they staged shows. The picture on the bottom left was taken in 1938/39, and the younger children were photographed in 1936