125 Years Ago - 1895

The annual Easter dances took place at the Marlboro’ House and Rockwood House on Monday and Tuesday respectively. The attendance at both hydros was larger than in previous years. Dancing was kept up with vigour until the following mornings. At the former establishment a number of tableaux vivants were exhibited, which elicited loud applause from the visitors.

100 Years Ago - 1920

A curious coincidence concerning clergymen who have at various times been intimately associated with the Ilkley Parish Church, is to be noted this week. Dr Muntz, who was Vicar of Ilkley twelve years ago, is the preacher at the Ben Rhydding Church tomorrow evening; the Rev. W. F. James, who resigned the living of Ilkley in 1915, was the preacher at the Ilkley Parish Church last Sunday, whilst the Rev. James Kempson, a former Curate at the Ilkley Parish Church, and son of a former Vicar, was staying over the weekend with his sister at Ben Rhydding. Moreover, all these three gentlemen who have been clergy in Ilkley, have served as Chaplains to the Forces.

In connection with the Ilkley Children’s Holiday Home, at Highfield, which re-opened for the season last week-end, the committee are finding that the children for whom they cater today are of a decidedly different type from those who came to them when the home opened 30 years ago. The effects of elementary school teaching are making themselves felt in a manner which is not only interesting but also full of very high promise, and the committee are now making an appeal for gifts of books to enable them to form a library at the home.

75 Years Ago – 1945

Trooper Alan Waters, serving on the Western front, in a letter home to his parents at 14, Peel Place, Burley, says that he recently met his brother Sgt. Arthur Waters, in a German village. They have been three and a half years apart. The letter reads : “Here is the good news you have been waiting for. Arthur and I have met in a German village. We were just coming out of action and I saw some of Arthur’s regiment and I asked if he was about and they said “yes”, so I looked around and saw him. We had quite a lot to talk about and spent a good hour together, and hope to see one another quite often.”

50 Years Ago – 1970

The new £15,000 computer at Aireborough Council is now almost fully operational. The computer, a visible record N.C.R. 500, comprises a 4,800 digit store code, a control console and an automatic ledger card reader capable of reading magnetic ledger cards at high speed. An example of the use of the computer in automating the authority’s work is the preparation of the current year’s rating records.

Although he has played and umpired the game of cricket for 64 years, Mr Joseph Spence Scott (76),of Well Croft, Otley, still looks forward with anticipation to another cricket season. Mr Scott, president of the Yorkshire Federation of Cricket Umpires for the past 14 years, officially retired from umpiring in 1968. But last season he was persuaded to stand at a number of matches and he hopes again to do a little umpiring this summer.

25 Years Ago – 1995

An old chestnut has come to life again with calls for the construction of a footbridge over the River Wharfe at Burley-in-Wharfedale. As part of the 50th anniversary VE-day celebrations, the Lower Wharfedale Branch of the Ramblers’ Association wants to raise £200,000 to build a “Peace Bridge.” If they are successful, it will span the Wharfe at the end of Leatherbank, thus allowing people to walk directly to Askwith and beyond.

A former pupil of Ashlands First School and Ilkley Grammar School has been showing the Americans how to reach the top. Royal Marine Colour Sergeant Phil Tinsley, who used to live in Valley Drive, led a group of US marine instructors on a training climb on the highest peak in North America, Mount McKinley. Before attempting the mammoth climb of this 20,320ft Alaskan peak the group heard that of the 200 attempts in the previous year, only five had made it to the top.