THESE shots give an idea of how deserted the streets of Otley have been since the Covid-19 lockdown took effect.

The strict movement restrictions introduced to slow the spread of the coronavirus have seen all kinds of venues, businesses and landmarks closed across the country.

Otley resident and keen photographer John Morgan has been documenting the local impact by taking shots during his daily venture out of the house.

This photo (pictured) shows an empty and pristine Market Place and was taken on Wednesday, March 25.

Otley’s markets are actually continuing to run - on Tuesdays, Friday and Saturdays and featuring food stalls only for now - but many of the town’s shops and businesses are shut and people seem to be following the Government’s advice by only leaving their homes for essentials or exercise.

Mr Morgan has also taken a photo of an empty car park at Stephen H Smith’s Garden Centre which, under normal circumstances during a sunny Spring day, would have been doing good business.