A YEADON-based online marketing company has launched a campaign offering free advice to small businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Infoserve has set up the campaign to help businesses navigate the current uncertain climate and prepare for when restrictions are lifted.

The company is offering a package of free support and advice about online marketing. Initiatives include a free daily webinar and a Help Hub.

The company’s CEO Derek Oliver said: “We are seeing the colossal impact COVID-19 is having on businesses and communities everywhere.”

He added: “This is why we have launched our COVID-19 Small Business Emergency Support campaign. It’s important to remember that everyone is in the same boat; each and every business and individual is affected. We want to help businesses navigate this period of uncertainty and be in as good a position as they can be once restrictions are lifted.”

Visit www.infoserve.com/covid and www.infoserve.com/online-marketing-key-for-your-business-during-covid-19/.