THE Ilkley Corona Response group is urging Ilkley residents to follow Government guidelines including social distancing and self-isolation to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

To help people understand the importance of social distancing the group is reproducing and distributing a simple traffic light guide and asking the public to share this with friends and family.

Stuart Hyde, chairman of the Ilkley based multi-agency response team said: “It is important that WE ALL practice social distancing and self-isolation to protect older and vulnerable people, that includes young people who now will no longer be in school or further education. That means staying at home, and away from where people gather. If you need to go out to the shops, use public transport or take exercise to stay at least two metres apart from each other.

"We are asking that all Ilkley residents help share this important message, especially to friends and neighbours who may not be on social media. This would include many of Ilkley’s over 70’s, who are fit and active; but it is still important that they self-isolate and stay at home to reduce the transmission of coronavirus.”

The Government is advising those who are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus, such as those over 70 and those with underlying medical conditions, to be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures.

This week the NHS in England will directly contact vulnerable people, with advice on the more stringent measures they should take in order to keep themselves and others safe.

The Ilkley Corona Response group is made up of representatives from the voluntary sector, faith groups, medical leads as well as local town and district councillors and Robbie Moore, MP for Keighley and Ilkley.

Caroline Rayment GP and clinical lead for the Wharfedale and Silsden community partnership and representing the WACA federation of GP practices told the group: “Everyone including children should be social distancing. Extreme social distancing is imperative for over 70’s and those who would normally be offered a flu jab.

"It’s very important that these measures are implemented BEFORE we see it spreading locally as by then it’s too late.”

Ilkley Town Mayor Mark Stidworthy said: “This is a highly contagious virus. As such we must heed the Government advice on staying apart by keeping a social distance. It doesn’t matter if you are in the street, the park or out for a walk, stay apart from others. Please also be considerate in your shopping habits, only buy what you need and support the remaining Ilkley businesses wherever possible. Many will deliver. It is also time to be a great neighbour, look out for those who are alone or vulnerable. If you can, help them out. Each case of Covid-19 prevented by social distancing slows the spread, protects others in the town, and ensures the NHS can be ready to help those most seriously affected. If we all shop, walk, cycle, and run responsibly we can ensure that all of us, and particularly vulnerable people and key workers, can continue to get access to the things we need and support those working in the supply chains.

"Let's take pride in doing the right thing here in Ilkley, so we can get through this together as quickly as we can."

The Ilkley Corona Response group is working to coordinate support for the local communities.

Anyone needing support can call 07375 803 693 and leave a message. This is a special Ilkley number that will put them straight through to a team with local knowledge who can offer help through groups such as Community Action, Good Neighbours, Ilkley Food Bank, Ilkley Soup Kitchen.

Those wanting to volunteer, a centralised and coordinated approach is being taken, and people can sign up online by visiting

Fundraising to assist local charities provide vital support for the most vulnerable people in the town is being coordinated through the Clarke Foley Centre and donations can be made online via