PROLIFIC photographer E E Slater has left us with a remarkable record of life in Yeadon during and after the Victorian period.

Slater, who was born in 1850 and died in 1928, captured images of ordinary life and important individuals in the town, and around the world, over many decades.

The pictures on this page, from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society, were taken between the 1880s and 1900and show townspeople and local dignitaries.

Three street scenes were all taken at The Green in Yeadon in 1900. Originally taken onto glass slides they have been digitally transferred for AHS by John Hobson.

The top right image shows Blatchley’s chemist shop on the Green at the bottom of the Steep (Town Street).

The Bottom left picture looks towards the Steep. The Oddfellows Inn can be seen on the right of the picture. The view bottom right looks up towards Town Street.

Also pictured in Yeadon in around 1900 was the Rev A M Perkins.

A picture of a group of dignitaries shows the opening of Yeadon Waterworks in the 1880s. In this image a Mr Peel can be seen holding up a golden key.