A CROSS-BOUNDARY water leakage problem at Ilkley looks may finally have been resolved.

Water from a broken drain at Curly Hill has been cascading onto the road for nearly three years. The issue has exasperated residents and created a risk for motorists during the winter months.

Getting the necessary repairs done, however, has been complicated by the fact the drain sits right on the boundary line between the areas controlled by Bradford Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

Ilkley Town Councillor Peter Mate took up the issue on behalf of residents last autumn and contacted both authorities to ask them to work together. Those efforts now seem to have borne fruit. Cllr Mate said: “A dry day at the end of January finally saw the two authorities working together with managers from both at the scene and a full technical crew, with heavy equipment, there from North Yorkshire.

“Residents are delighted that finally there is a determination by both councils to jointly resolve this issue.”