AN 11-year-old Ilkley school pupil will be sitting alongside 16-year-olds next summer when she takes on her maths GCSE exam.

Gifted mathematician Isla Slade attends Westville House School in Carter’s Lane, Middleton.

Isla, along with several other children, attend a weekly after-school club for gifted mathematicians run by Academic Lead Mr Chris O’Doherty.

Mr O’Doherty said: “Isla’s talent in maths was identified very early on. She, along with the other gifted and talented mathematicians in her class, have been pushed beyond the primary curriculum, tackling problems most adults would find challenging.

“Along with the majority of independent schools, we made the decision not to be constrained by S.A.T.S allowing us the freedom to really push our children.

“This has proved to be the right choice as when our children complete any recognised standardised assessment, their results are significantly higher than the national average.”

Isla’s mum, Karen Slade said: “Isla loves a challenge and she’s certainly set herself one undertaking her GCSE maths.

“Westville House School have been fantastic in supporting Isla and Mr O’Doherty has done a brilliant job demystifying even the most complex areas of maths.

“It’s been amazing watching her confidence in maths grow as she has moved through the school.”

Mr O’Doherty added: “Westville House School are fully behind Isla as she pursues academic excellence and we will update you on her results this summer.”