THE Friends of Ilkley Moor held a well attended social evening in Booth’s cafe on Friday, with live music provided by ‘Steph and her Sax’.

Owen Wells, chairman of FoIM said: “It was a very enjoyable and convivial evening. We have wanted to say ‘thank you’ to all our members and particularly our volunteers, and this was an ideal way to do it. We are very pleased that we recruited a number of new members during the evening.”

The Friends of Ilkley Moor are particularly grateful to Booths, and their Specialist Manager Paul Rogers-Wilson who allowed the use their cafe free of charge. This meant that FoIM could afford to give free wine and nibbles to people attending. Without Booths kind offer of their cafe the evening would not have been possible. FoIM are also extremely grateful to Steph Atkinson, a superb saxophonist, who provided the music that enabled the evening to go with such a swing.