PEOPLE in Yeadon are being offered the chance to become part of history by including their memories in a time capsule.

Organisations, charities, schools and families are being invited to take part in the initiative organised by Back Chat and Yeadon Town Hall.

Back Chat was set up by Aireborough local historian Carlo Harrison a year ago to record the lives of ordinary people to give future generations a valuable insight into the past.

So far 38 interviews have been recorded reflecting life in the area in 2018 and 2019 and this will continue into 2020.

Now in an agreement with the director of Yeadon Town Hall CIC, Jamie Hudson a time capsule will be placed into the town hall at the end of next year.

Mr Harrison said: “This will be a modern time capsule - there is already a traditional time capsule buried under the Town Hall from when it was built in 1880.

“Talks are ongoing but the time capsule will be on display but of course locked, with a possible 60 year life to take it to 2080 which will be the bicentenary of the Town Hall being opened.

“The capsule will be made up of memory sticks containing all the interviews from Back Chat and also memory sticks donated by others.

“I will initially offer this to Aireborough schools and ask them if they would like to place a memory stick into the time capsule for people to see in 60 or 100 years’ time.

“There will be no restriction as to what goes on the memory sticks the only proviso being that the stick must have the name of the donor displayed on the outside of it.

“Aireborough Historical Society have been offered a place in the capsule and the same offer is open to organisations, charities or individual families who would like to become a part of Yeadon history.”

Contact Mr Harrison at or through facebook to discuss contributing.

Mr Harrison is archivist at Aireborough Historical Society but his venture, launched last November, is a private one.