YOUNG Irish dancers are celebrating World Championship success.

Jessica Heyburn won her solo dances at the CRG World Championships in Dublin and was also crowned the World Champion in the 16 and under Open Championship. She was one of six members of the Otley-based Thompson Academy Irish Dancers who took part.

Kaitlyn McCormick achieved first and second solo placings and was second in the Age 10 and under Prelim Championship while Scott Miller secured first and second solo places and was third in the Age 21 Intermediate.

Gracie Horner - Glister was first placed in her solos and eighth in the Age 12 Open Championship while Katie Vickerman secured fourth and fifth solo placings and a 5th podium place in the Age 10 Beginner championship. Katie’s twin Sister, Amy was eighth in the same championship and fourth and fifth in her solo dances.