THE YORKSHIRE Party’s candidate for Pudsey has launched his campaign by calling for a Yorkshire Rail Revolution.

Bob Buxton, the party’s transport spokesman, said: “We won’t settle for being London’s poor-relation. From 2012-2017, Yorkshire’s railways received only £3.3 billion in funding, compared to £24.9 billion for London. Fair funding and proper, powerful devolution will allow us to start a Yorkshire Rail Revolution, accelerating electrification, replacing old diesel pacers, reversing Beeching cuts and building new lines and stations.”

Mr Buxton, completed his teacher training in Horsforth and Guiseley in 2007 and currently teaches engineering apprentices.

He said: “I’m proud of my teaching career. We have dedicated teachers and schools in Yorkshire but, as with transport, we don’t get our fair share of public spending. Some of Yorkshire’s primary schools get almost £3,000 per pupil per year less than some in London.”