THE two Rotary Clubs of Ilkley and Ilkley Wharfedale are delighted to announce their new association with Ilkley Brewery - the latest ‘Friend of Rotary’ in the town.

The brewery proprietor, Luke Raven, has donated four barrels of ‘Mary Jane’ to the Rotary Clubs.

Ilkley Wharfedale Rotary Club Chairman of Community and Vocational Peter Mate said: “These barrels equate to a total of 300 pints of beer.

“It’s not that we Rotarians simply like to sit around drinking beer, we plan to convert these 300 pints into hard cash, meeting our commitment to funding small and local charities.”

The first of these events took place at the Clarke Foley Centre in Ilkley on Tuesday, October 15.

A Cabaret event entitled ‘Nowt so strange as Folk’ was led by MC David Kidman, renowned local folk singer and poet.

This event raised some £2000 for local charities, with the first two barrels of Mary Jane contributing some £500 in voluntary contributions, including an auction for a ‘home-party barrel’ raising £320.

The remaining two barrels of Mary Jane are being held back for a planned Spring partnership event with the Nell Bank Centre, aiming to replace the leaky roof over the children’s external play and dining area.

Rotarian Peter Mate added: “We are so pleased to start our work with Ilkley Brewery, the latest ‘Friend of Rotary’ to be appointed in the town.

“This initial contribution of four barrels of local beer is being converted into a thousand pounds for the Rotary Community Fund.

“This fund has given priority to numerous small charities spread across Ilkley and Wharfedale.

“In the past year, these have included charities as diverse as Fell Rescue, the Ilkley Summer Youth Project, Ilkley Good Neighbours, Community Transport, Dan’s Den, Dementia Friends, and many more.”

Luke Raven, proprietor of Ilkley Brewery said: “It is wonderful to know that through the Brewery we can contribute to all these small local charities.

“We see that the funds go directly to source, and where most needed.

“We look forward to our long-term relationship with the two Rotary Clubs of Ilkley and Ilkley Wharfedale.”