ILKLEY councillors and residents were left frustrated last week when time ran out at a meeting of Bradford Council to fully discuss questions tabled about Ilkley’s parking scheme.

At the City Hall meeting last Tuesday Bradford Council refused to consider requests from Ilkley residents, as well as councillors, calling for changes to the Ilkley parking scheme introduced in July.

Local residents had formally submitted a question, which was rebuffed by the executive who said they would be discussing the issue later in the council session. Discussion of the parking scheme was limited to two short questions as the motion and amendments to discuss the scheme were cut short. This was because the council session finished discussions at 10pm meaning local councillors were not able to bring their concerns to the council and discuss them in full.

Councillor Kyle Green (Ilkley, Con) had brought an amendment calling for free parking to immediately be increased to one hour, no more parking charges to be introduced to Ilkley and a full review, including the option to scrap the scheme, to be conducted immediately.

He was given only 30 seconds to discuss the scheme. Cllr Green said: “By scheduling this motion to be the last one discussed and then cutting it short, the Labour-run executive have once again shown what they think of the concerns of Ilkley residents and businesses.”

Cllr Anne Hawkesworth (Ind, Ilkley) had tabled an amendment to urgently review the parking and charging regime and proceed speedily to a new and fully workable scheme.

She was not give time to speak on the amendment, which was supported by the Conservative and Liberal Democrats. The controlling Labour group voted against it.

The same result occurred when the Conservative amendment was put to the vote. Cllr Hawkesworth and fellow independent councillor Adrian Naylor voted for both amendments.

Cllr Hawkesworth called the meeting a “fudge” and added: “At the end of the line a review is essential as soon as possible.There is obviously a need to sort out the dreadful situation and the inconvenience and dangers the scheme has produced to residents.”

Cllr Green added: “The council must realise that urgent action is needed given all three Ilkley Ward Councillors as well as residents are demanding a full review into this scheme”.