POLICE have dealt with a youth, who mooned them, as part of an anti-social behaviour (ASB) crackdown.

Officers were responding to reports in Shipley, Baildon, Menston and Burley-in-Wharfedale over the past two weeks.

One individual received a community resolution for public order. The youth “bared his bottom” to officers and also swore at them, offered to fight them and threw stones at them.

A police spokesperson said: “The abuse they received is not suitable to be posted publicly, but included threats to one of the officer’s mother.”

More than 20 ASB sanctions were issues to youths. The punishments included yellow ASB warning letters, served in front of parents, and an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC).

The police spokesperson said: “It is very important in the build up to Halloween, Mischief and Bonfire Night that ASB is tackled early.”