AN interesting and thought provoking photograph was taken at a special service held in High Royds Memorial Chapel, Menston, at the close of the National Heritage Weekend.

The Rev Andrew Howorth led a service which focussed on how to learn from the past whilst looking to the future. In the background is a photograph of John Constantine, a former inmate, from the age of ten, of the Ripon Union Workhouse and the North Yorkshire Asylum. John who was classified as “deaf and dumb” was transferred to High Royds in 1899 (then called The West Riding West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum). He died in 1928 after fifty-five years in the institutions and is buried together with 2860 other paupers in the now restored High Royds Memorial Garden.

A spokesman for High Royds said: “The juxtaposition, which was not planned, is an example of how by looking at the past, and learning from it, we can help to build a society for the benefit of all. It was a well-attended, forward looking service and the Management Committee thanks all the many people who contributed to a thoughtful and beneficial weekend.