A SIX-year-old who set up club to share her love of reading with other young bookworms will be one of the judges in the group’s first ever competition.

Avid reader Charysma- Poésy Klass, a Menston Primary School Pupil, founded The Purple Swan Club to help young school children develop their confidence and enjoyment of reading by coming together to pick up a good book.

She set up the club, which runs from 4pm to 5pm on the first Saturday of every month at St John’s Parish Church in Menston, so she could offer help and support to young readers.

Charysma- Poésy spends time with children at the club, helping them master difficult words and sentences and encouraging them to enjoy the books on offer – some of which belong to her and other which were donated to the Purple Swan by supporters in the village.

And following initial success, Charysma- Poésy decided to go one step further, by setting up a competition for children to share their most beloved books and develop their public speaking skills by reading their favourite passages aloud.

The competition, which will be held on Saturday July 13 at 4pm, is open to pupils in foundation and years one and two at primary school. While pre-entry is now closed, any other children who want to take part can come to the church on the day to enter the open section of the competition.

A panel of five judges, including Charysma- Poésy, two of her classmates and two parents from the village, will be looking for participants to speak confidently and clearly. Marks will be given to children who put feeling or emotion into their delivery.

But most of all, the judges will be looking for evidence of a love of reading.

The year two pupil, who also regularly reads to pre-school children and toddlers at Cherry Tree Nursery in Menston, said she wanted to share her passion for books after she fell in love with reading at school.

She said: “The first time I saw a school book I didn’t want to read it, but I kept reading and now I love it.

“When I get home from school I rush into the living room, sit down and read my favourite book.”

Mum, Lauretta Adhepeau, helped her daughter set up the club, but said all the ideas behind it were Charysma- Poésy’s.

She said: “She goes around to see if any of her friends need help and she helps them.

“I’m very proud of her.”