"THIS could kill the town".

That is just one of the comments to come out of an online parking survey ahead of the introduction of Bradford Council's new parking strategy on July 29.

Ilkley resident Paul Smithson set up the online survey two weeks ago and to date 850 people have completed it.

Results indicate that many are unhappy with the changes set to be introduced which include on street parking charges, resident parking schemes and increased tariffs at South Hawksworth Street car park.

Seventy-five per cent of residents and visitors believe the new parking measures will have a negative impact on Ilkley and 76 per cent said the measures would not solve Ilkley's parking problems.

It seems the impact of the changes will be felt most keenly by visitors to Ilkley. Thirty-three respondents said they currently visit Ilkley for shopping purposes, with 34 per cent of respondents visiting for work. A third of these people said they rarely or never had a problem parking in Ilkley.

Sixty-five per cent of visitors said they will visit Ilkley less frequently when the measures are introduced. Eight-two per cent said they would be less likely to shop in the town,with 38 per cent saying far less likely. Thirteen per cent said they would never shop in Ilkley again.

As well as a dip in trade for shops, the measures could also impact food and drink outlets, according the results of the survey.

Seventy-eight per cent of visitors said they'd drink and dine less frequently.

Bradford Council carried out a consultation on the parking strategy but online survey respondents were less than impressed with the outcome, with 80 per cent saying they didn't think Bradford Council had listened to feedback.

Seventy-two percent said they believed the move is nothing but a revenue generating scheme for Bradford Council.

As well as the statistical results the survey has allowed Ilkley residents, workers and visitors to air their views on the parking scheme.

Many are very concerned about what the changes will mean for them personally and for the town in general.

Comments include:

* "Retail workers who are known as low earners will be punished with excessive parking costs."

* "Bradford Council is ignoring the national picture regarding trends in retail. The high street is suffering everywhere. Why add to the burden shops and business already face?"

* "A free parking facility for train users and visitors has been needed for years. Very

disappointed with Bradford Council who will collect revenue and have just shifted the problem elsewhere. This has divided the town! Residents for the scheme will soon be disappointed when they can’t get trades people like myself to work for them."

* "Create parking zones. To simply charge or block parking will create an environment that will stop people visiting Ilkley and as an employer we are already looking at plans to move our business as our staff cannot park locally when the charges come into place. All those revelling that they have parking spaces will soon feel the effect as rates will rise as retail rates will fall."

However, many residents are looking forward to the changes with comments such as:

* "If you live on a street where the parking problem is an issue you would understand more greatly the need for the permits."

* "My street has been used as a commuter car park for decades, I can't wait for the new restrictions to take effect."

Survey creator Paul Smithson said: "This is a completely independent survey and nothing to do with Bradford Metropolitan District Council. The survey is being conducted free of charge by an Ilkley resident and the results will be shared publicly on the web site. The aim is to allow people to have a say and for their opinion, thoughts and ideas to be heard. The survey results will provide a benchmark that can be used in any further studies after the parking measures have been introduced, to identify whether the changes have been judged to a success of a failure. A massive thanks goes out to everyone who takes the time to contribute."

To see more results from the online survey visit the results page: https://ilkleyopinion.com/results/

To find more detailed information and reports visit: https://ilkleyopinion.com/reports/

To complete the survey visit: https://ilkleyopinion.com/