BRADFORD Council has announced it will introduce Ilkley's new parking scheme on July 29.

The move - which includes the introduction resident parking schemes, on street parking charges and increased tariffs at South Hawksworth Street car park - comes despite strong opposition still being voiced by local councillors.

A Bradford Council spokesperson, said: “Residents will start to see the work that is being done to bring on-street parking changes and resident and special permits for businesses in to place over the coming weeks.

“We will be contacting those affected by the changes imminently to let them know about the resident permits as well as those for business parking and how they can apply for the ones that are relevant to them. Permits for residents will be free and the special permits for business will be free for the first six months, after which we will review how the scheme is working.

“The changes that we are making came out of an independent report by transport consultants, Steer, Davies & Gleave that was commissioned by the Council and will make it easier for residents to park near their home and make improvements to the management of parking throughout the town centre.

“One thing we have tried to be really clear about is that we will continue to monitor the situation closely once the changes come in to effect and if we need to make further alterations to ease any issues around parking then we will do.”

But Councillor Kyle Green (Con, Ilkley) said the scheme was "ill-thought out" and said it would create huge issues for the town.

"I continue to oppose the introduction of the scheme until viable plans have been thought out to increase parking capacity in the town so that the underlying issue of a lack of parking spaces has been addressed," he said.

"With residents and other groups having already contacted me with concerns about how commuter parking is already worsening as people start to park elsewhere as a result of the proposed changes, parking permit signs already being placed in hugely intrusive positions, and no guarantee that all employees of local businesses will receive them as well as the potential dire impact on local shops due to the parking charges, the council needs to reconsider these plans now."

Wharfedale councillor and Conservative spokesperson for Planning and Highways on Bradford Council, Jackie Whiteley said: "Ilkley is a vibrant place and whilst £1 extra in the car park may not sound like too much to pay, the planned-on street meters and residents only parking will remove free parking and reduce availability of parking and will act as a disincentive to shoppers when retailers are struggling.

"Workers will have to pay to park when they have relied on free on street parking in nearby roads. Where will commuters park? They will move further down the Wharfedale line and add to congestion in Ben Rhydding, Burley in Wharfedale, Menston and Guiseley. No consideration is given to environmental considerations relating to increased road use.

"It is a dilemma because there are competing interests. Residents may benefit at the expense of others, but Bradford Council should not be seeing this as an opportunity to raise revenue at a time when Leeds is providing free or cheaper parking in towns such as Wetherby."

Councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Ind, Ilkley) said: "I was aware they were aiming for end of July and actually I hope they manage to come in on time as it gives the school holiday period for a bedding in.There are many open ends to the scheme, so I am afraid we can expect a few fraught days or weeks. I am sure the benefits in certain sections of the town (Napoleonic war area as an example) will be good .

"However, I have repeatedly asked the question of what work has taken place about Ben Rhydding to anticipate and relieve the impact the introduction in Ilkley will have on the village. Have any designs been produce for instance on the “park and ride” on the field adjacent to the scout hut? Has a mapping exercise taken place to indicate current parking habits before the introduction? The position for residents in the centre of Ilkley is intolerable. In relieving this the council must not make it intolerable in other areas."

Ilkley's MP John Grogan said: "The balance of my post bag is from local residents who after years of waiting are keen that permit parking be introduced this summer. "Bradford Council have promised wherever possible to be helpful with permits for business and to react quickly if there are displacement effects. It is important that these promises are kept. I am encouraged that the newly elected Ilkley Town Council are establishing strong links with Bradford Council officers and councillors to make sure this happens. I myself will be holding a meeting with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority regarding the proposed extension to the station car park at Ben Rhydding station to establish a clear timetable for this project."