AIREBOROUGH Civic Society is urging people to leave their cars at home for Clean Air Day.

The call comes as the group steps up local efforts, following tests conducted on the A65 and A658 last summer, to reduce environmental pollution and improve air quality.

This year’s Clean Air Day takes place on Thursday, June 20 and the Civic Society (ACS) believes it is vital for everyone to support it.

Chairman Clive Woods said: “We are extremely concerned at the levels of congestion we now have to contend with and the increased pollution from queuing traffic.

“The most important action that you can take to support Clean Air Day is to reduce your own emissions by leaving your car at home.

“Whether that means taking public transport, car sharing, walking, cycling, running or working from home that day — you’ll be doing your bit to improve local air quality.”

The society has also confirmed that it is in talks with Leeds City Council about carrying out further tests at some of Aireborough’s air pollution hot-spots.

That follows tests conducted by ACS and Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum between June 5 and July 1, 2018. Those revealed that one site - the A658’s junction with Bayton Lane in Yeadon - was as bad as anywhere in Leeds for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels.

The two other test sites in Aireborough, one on the A65 near Kirk Lane and the other in Little London, Rawdon also had NO2 levels above the legal limit.

Mr Woods said: “Our members have identified the places in Aireborough with the worst traffic congestion and will be working with Leeds City Council to do comprehensive testing of pollution levels at those places as soon as possible.”

The city council will introduce a Clean Air Charging Zone on January 6, 2020 in a bid to cut air pollution by charging certain commercial vehicles.

The authority hopes the move will encourage businesses to ‘transition to cleaner, less polluting vehicles’ that won’t be subject to charges, and is offering support packages to help them make the change.

The zone does not extend out to Aireborough or Wharfedale, however, which ACS says is a mistake. Mr Woods added: “We need Aireborough to be included in this initiative.”

More details about Clean Air Day and local events to mark it can be found at .