THE latest technology to help diabetics monitor their blood glucose levels is the focus of a forthcoming meeting.

Low Carb Skipton, a voluntary group which helps people who want to cut their carbohydrates, will also look at issues such as the benefits of low carb eating. The group has members in Craven, Airedale and Wharfedale.

The meeting will be held at Skipton’s Rendezvous Hotel at 7pm on Monday, June 10.

Group member Jean Rhodes, a Type 1 diabetic, will tell of her own experience using a blood glucose monitoring system which avoids the need for painful finger-prick testing.

The flash glucose monitor, as used by fellow Type 1 diabetic Theresa May, is a small sensor worn on the skin. It records glucose levels throughout the day and these levels can be accessed by simply holding a reader held over the sensor.

Verner Wheelock, the leader of Low Carb Skipton, said: “The monitor represents a significant breakthrough in glucose testing.

“It’s good news that the NHS now provides the system free of charge but unfortunately this is only for a percentage of diabetics. For the majority the system is still beyond reach unless you can afford to meet the very high purchase costs.”

Low carb recipes will be handed out at the meeting which is open to diabetics, people with other serious conditions as well as those who just want to improve their health.

For more information about the group go to or email Verner Wheelock at or contact him on 01535 636008.