PEOPLE should be on their guard against Lyme disease, says Ilkley’s MP.

John Grogan was speaking after meeting an affected constituent at one of his surgeries.

The disease is spread to humans by infected ticks and is most prevalent in the UK during the spring and summer.

Ticks are commonly found in woodland and grassy areas, as well as on livestock such as sheep and goats.

Without treatment, serious conditions such as viral-like meningitis, facial paralysis, nerve damage and arthritis can develop.

Mr Grogan said: “As summer approaches and more of us spend time out in the countryside, it is important we take extra care.

“If you have been bitten by a tick and develop flu-like symptoms or a circular red rash, it is important you see your GP. This potentially-fatal illness is usually easier to treat if it’s diagnosed early.

“Last year I joined the all-party parliamentary group for Lyme disease and will continue to raise issues relating to the diagnosis and treatment of the disease at every appropriate opportunity.”

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