ROBERT Gibson, a long standing member of Ilkley Quaker meeting, has been appointed a trustee/director of the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) committee in Geneva, Switzerland.

He is becoming the honorary treasurer and the role will involve attending meetings (sometimes in person; sometimes on-line) and deciding where priories for the work lie.

The Quaker United Nations Office works alongside the United Nations, and takes on specific causes. Most recently it has taken on the cause of children whose parents have been executed, and has just appointed a representative to work on sustainable and just economic systems.

Robert said: “I’m delighted to be appointed to this role. It gives me a new and exciting perspective on global issues, which I can have a small part in improving. Ilkley sometimes seems to be insulated from these macro strategic issues, but in reality we, here in Wharfedale, are a part and not apart.”

Quakers have been involved on humanitarian issues at the United Nations since it started, believing that putting faith into action is key. Quaker representatives are deeply involved in strategic issues such as nuclear disarmament, peace and reconciliation, human impact of climate change, and safe, orderly migration. At a different level, QUNO has been instrumental over decades in changing international law on child soldiers and has more recently been focussing on the impact of parental death sentences on children.

Robert’s interest began when he attended the Quaker school at Ackworth, near Pontefract. He has always combined Quaker work and service with his business life which included many years working for the Cooperative Movement, ICI plc and in his organisational consulting work.

Robert will be speaking about how he puts his faith into practice on Thursday, May 9th (7pm for 7.30 start), the second of two Quaker Quest sessions being run by Ilkley Quakers.

The first session is on Friday, May 3rd at 2pm for a 2.30pm start where three Quakers will talk about their understanding of God.

Both sessions take place at the Ilkley Quaker Meeting House in Queens Road, Ilkley, and will involve three short talks, discussion and questions, and a period of silent contemplation.

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