A WIDOWER is appealing for help to establish if the asbestos-related cancer which claimed his wife’s life was caused by her short stint at a manufacturing company.

Mother-of-four Patricia Yeadon died aged 72 just six months after she first developed severe chest pain. She was subsequently diagnosed with mesothelioma– a cancer of the lining of the lung commonly linked to asbestos exposure.

An inquest concluded she died from the disease.

Following her death, her husband Colin, 74, of Yeadon, instructed specialist asbestos-related disease lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate her illness and how she came to develop it.

As part of their ongoing efforts, they are now seeking information on whether Patricia may have been exposed to asbestos during her brief period working at Lewis & Co in Globe Road, Leeds, in late 1960 and early 1961.

The appeal comes ahead of Workers’ Memorial Day, an annual event held to commemorate those who died as a result of their work. This year’s day features a theme of ‘dangerous substances – get them out of the workplace’.

Lucy Andrews, the legal expert at Irwin Mitchell representing Colin, said: “This is sadly yet another tragic case where we believe an individual has gone on to develop an asbestos-related illness many years after exposure to the material.

“Asbestos has affected so many lives through the decades and it is welcome that this year’s Workers’ Memorial Day is all about shining a spotlight on the impact that this material and many others have had.

“We would be hugely grateful to anyone who may be able to help us regarding Patricia’s case, as any detail no matter how small could make a huge difference in helping her family gain justice in her memory.”

Patricia would have been known by her maiden name of Dunwell during her time working at Lewis & Co as a Hoffman Press operator.

She and Colin married in December 1961 and shortly afterwards started a family. During the 1970s Patricia worked as a dinner lady at Queensway Primary School in Yeadon. In the 1980s she worked behind the bar at Hawkhill Social Club in Guiseley.

Later in her career she was a care assistant before retiring in 2004.

Patricia visited her GP in March 2017 complaining of chest pains. She died in September, 2017, at Wheatfields Hospice.

Colin, a retired lorry driver, said: “Patricia was working at the company when I first met her and as far as I’m aware she was only there a matter of months. After a short time working for another company we had our first child and she stopped work until the early 1970s.

“It was awful to see how mesothelioma affected her and her health deteriorated in just a few short months. Losing her so quickly was a huge shock and the entire family still misses her so much.

“Patricia was such a loving and caring person and we still miss her every day. Our family is not the same without her.

“It is really positive to see Workers’ Memorial Day highlighting the issue of asbestos and other dangerous substances and we would appreciate any help in our efforts to get answers regarding Patricia’s death.”

Anyone with information which could assist this case is asked to contact Lucy Andrews at Irwin Mitchell’s Leeds office on 0113 394 6782 or lucy.andrews@irwinmitchell.com.

Workers’ Memorial Day is on Sunday, April 28. The day campaigns to improve health and safety standards in the workplace, and increase protection in place for employees.