OTLEY has sent a message of support to France following the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.

A roof blaze destroyed much of the famous house of worship in Paris, including its iconic spire, on the evening of Monday, April 15.

Otley is twinned with Montereau, near the French capital, and Town Mayor Mary Vickers has written to her counterpart, James Cheron, to express her dismay at what has happened.

Her message says: “I write on behalf of your friends in Otley to share our shock and distress at the damage suffered by the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

“Notre Dame is one of France and the world’s greatest treasures with hits historic medieval Gothic architecture, and we the people of Otley offer our solidarity and support for the people of Paris, all of France and our twin town friends in Montereau at this difficult time.

“We would like to express our admiration and pay tribute to the bravery of the firefighters who tackled the blaze and managed to save the main structure of the cathedral.

“With faith and our prayers we are certain that the people of France will rebuild this iconic building and that the Cathedral of Notre Dame will continue to be the much-loved world landmark.”