THE Ilkley Grammar School Sports Council is hoping to make a splash with a new fundraising campaign.

The school’s swimming pool has been closed since September because it is in need of refurbishment, along with the gym changing rooms.

To raise the necessary funds for the work the school’s sports council has set up a Justgiving page.

In addition the sports council has developed the ‘Plunge for Our Pool’ project. This will involve ten IGS members of staff taking the plunge at White Wells.

The number of staff taking the plunge, depends on the amount raised. For all ten teachers to take the plunge the sports council is looking to raise £3,000.

Plunge for our Pool will take place on Wednesday, May 15 at 2.30pm. Students and staff will be encouraged to go along and watch, to make it a whole school event.

A spokesperson for the school sports council said: “The Sports Council is focusing on ways to improve the PE experience, trying to restore some areas of the department. We have set up a Justgiving page to help raise money for our school changing rooms and swimming pool which are in desperate need of renovation.

“In their current state they are uninspiring and the pool itself is left empty and out of action. We want to create a new,fresh modern look throughout and provide the opportunity for an extensive swimming curriculum. By making a small donation you can help our whole curriculum get back on track so we can enjoy the PE we love doing.”

Faye Allen, PE teacher at Ilkley Grammar School, who is leading on the project with the sports council, said: “The IGS Sports Council was set up two years ago to improve the PE opportunities and experiences for all students. This year they wanted to work on improving the PE facilities at school and decided to focus on the refurbishment of the IGS pool and changing rooms.

“The swimming pool has been out of use since September, needing refurbishment, and plays a vital part in the PE curriculum at IGS; being used by all year groups across the school.

“All donations will go towards the refurbishments, and will be greatly appreciated in helping our students achieve their personal best in PE.”

Any donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated by the sports council and can be given online at:

Sponsorship money for the IGS teachers taking the plunge can be donated by visiting the same link.