CHILDREN at Moorfield School in Ilkley have participated in a science day.

A school spokesperson said: “At Moorfield School, one of our school values is that we enable each child to shine through a rich and creative curriculum.

“As a celebration of this and at the children’s request, we enjoyed a Science Day and there was a great deal going on.

“ Every child in the school enjoyed a visit from a mobile planetarium, the visuals were spectacular and we all learned about the planets in our solar system and the plans for the next mission to the moon!

“Many children got the chance to take photographs with a basic pinhole camera and to develop the resulting images with some really impressive results.

“Form 3 had been patiently building their beautiful volcanoes for some weeks. Science day was eruption day and what an exciting time this was. “The day culminated with the oldest children in the school putting on a science fair for everyone else.

“They treated us to; exploding cola fountains, elephant’s toothpaste, hovering CDs, bouncing eggs and a good measure of slime amongst many other things.

“The children had just a little teacher input on their presentations but mainly this was all their own work and their presentation skills were fantastic. A really fun day of learning was had by all.”