Leeds City Council election candidates for Thursday, May 2

Adel and Wharfedale

Ian George Dowling. 882 Scott Hall Road, Leeds. Liberal Democrats.

Billy Flynn. 31 East Causeway Vale, Adel. The Conservative Party Candidate.

Nigel James Gill. 39 Ramsey Terrace, Otley. Labour and Co-operative Party.

Andrew Greenwood. (Address in Leeds). UKIP Make Brexit Happen.

Lesley Evelyn Jeffries. 2 Grove Lane, Leeds. Green Party.

Guiseley and Rawdon

Bob Buxton. 38 Markham Crescent, Rawdon. Yorkshire Party.

Christine Amy Glover. 3 Harker Terrace, Pudsey. Liberal Democrats.

Mark Terence Rollinson. 16 Westbourne Drive, Guiseley. Green Party - Save Our Green Space.

Roger Facer Tattersall. 12 Henry Terrace, Yeadon. Independent.

Eleanor Frances Thomson. 81 Fieldhead Road, Guiseley. Labour and Co-operative Party.

Paul John Spencer Wadsworth. 58 Westfield Avenue, Yeadon. The Conservative Party Candidate.


Dan Cook. (Address in Leeds). Liberal Democrats.

David Thomas Corry. Hullen, Becca Park, Aberford. The Green Party.

Zahid Noor. 15 Amberton Approach, Leeds. Labour Party.

Ryan Stephenson. 24 St Andrew's Walk, Newton Kyme. The Conservative Party Candidate.


Simon Mark Dowling. 4 Springfield Close, Horsforth. Liberal Democrats.

John Garvani. 33 Newlay Grove, Horsforth. Labour Party.

Paul Hellyer. (Address in Leeds). UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Rosa Sarah Shaw, 24 Alexandra Road. Green Party.

Jackie Shemilt. 2 Billing Drive, Rawdon. The Conservative Party Candidate.

Otley and Yeadon

Mick Bradley. 52 The Oval, Otley. Green Party.

Ryk Downes. Saltfleet House, Old Pool Bank. Liberal Democrats.

Stewart Peter Harper. 7 Barfield Drive, Yeadon. The Conservative Party Candidate.

Tom Hollings. 1 Newlands Rise, Yeadon. The For Britain Movement.

John Adrian Hook. (Address in Leeds). United Kingdom Independence Party.

Elliot Edwards Nathan. 27 All Saints Court, Otley. Labour Party.