AT the age of 87 Derek Tiffany is proving it's never too late to learn.

The great grandad from Horsforth, signed up for computer lessons at Rawdon Community Library in November.

Mr Tiffany, who used to work in local government traffic management, decided to take the plunge because of his increasing frustration at being directed to websites whenever he tried ringing organisations.

"The final straw was when I went to my building society and wanted to change an account. I had been with this company for many years and they said they couldn't open this account for me - it had to go online," he said.

"This infuriated me but then I thought I have got to try to do something, I am just getting left behind here."

Someone suggested Rawdon Community Library to him and he was put in touch with his teacher Trish Pinder. Now he has gone from not knowing how to turn a computer on to being able to navigate his way round websites and send emails to his family.

But he almost didn't make it through the door.

"I set off and got about half way there and wanted to turn round and go back home - but I thought to myself that person is taking the trouble to come and see me," he said.

"I came through the door and my stomach was churning like a washing machine and I was sweating - you would think I was going in for a major operation.

"I met Trish and I said 'I have never sat in front of a computer. I don't know how to turn one on, and if you think I am too big a task I will go home.'

"She said 'No, if you are prepared to have a go I will have a go with you.'"

"As you get older your brain doesn't remember so much as it did when you were younger. So Trish just did little things and gradually built up more confidence to continue, and if I mastered that phase I could go to the next phase. It has been a learning curve."

Now Mr Tiffany goes to the library about three times a week to practice what he is learning and is delighted that he took the plunge.

"I am really glad I have done this and my family are over the moon about it," he said.

Mrs Pinder, who became a volunteer at the library five year ago, has been running computer buddying sessions for people who already have some knowledge. She said she had been really impressed by Mr Tiffany and was now planning more tuition sessions for people starting from scratch.

Anyone who would like to learn more about computers can sign up for "buddying" sessions at £2 per time, or more intensive tuition at £5 per session. The library can be contacted on 0113 3910440.