THE task of suspending one thousand paper doves in Ben Rhydding Methodist church is now under way in preparation for an exhibition being held in the church next week.

The title of the exhibition is “Let the Thread Tell the Story” and it features embroideries on the theme of Peace and Reconciliation by the nationally known artist Pamela Pavitt.

“Peace and reconciliation are much needed in the world today,” said Ben Rhydding Methodist Church minister the Reverend Vicky Atkins.

“We hope that people will come to reflect on that need as well as to enjoy the embroideries for their own sake.

“The dove of course is a well known symbol of peace and to have 1000 of them in the church is an artwork in itself and a truly inspirational addition to the exhibition.”

The exhibition “Let the Thread Tell the Story” runs from Tuesday, April 9th to Saturday, April 13th, from 1pm to 5pm at Ben Rhydding Methodist Church, 89 Wheatley Lane, Ilkley, LS29 8PP

Refreshments will be available to everyone who attends the exhibition.