CUTS to legal aid should be reversed so that everyone has ‘access to justice’.

That is the view of the Liberal Democrats’ Leeds North West Parliamentary candidate - and solicitor - Kamran Hussain.

The party voted for the restoration of Legal Aid for early legal advice, assistance and representation in benefit, debt, employment, immigration, housing and family law cases at its Spring Conference. Members also voted to establish a new right to affordable, reasonable legal assistance monitored by an independent Justice Commission.

Mr Hussain said: “Access to justice is a critical right. Without it, people can be wrongfully evicted, deported, denied benefits or deprived custody of their children.

“The Conservative Government’s cuts to Legal Aid have gone far beyond what was envisaged in 2012, leaving far too many people without legal advice or representation. That in turn contributes to poverty and social exclusion.

“The motion we passed would ensure access to justice through a properly-funded Legal Aid system.”