A GIRLS’ football team from Ben Rhydding Primary School is celebrating after winning the Girls Europa League deciding match.

The match on March 6 was held on Leeds Road and saw the Ben Rydding team win 3-2 again a team from Burley Oaks Primary School.

The girls said: “We started off well with a strong starting kick from Evelyn Keirs in year 6 (our team captain) to Kara Atkinson. The ball was passed around between our strikers and mid- fielders for a while before there was unfortunately an interception.

“After a lot of missed shots, saves, passes, and tackles, Evelyn Kennedy in year 4 shot the ball right in the back of the Burley Oaks net, making the score 1-0 to Ben Rhydding. Everyone agreed it was a great goal and that the goalkeeper on the Burley Oaks team couldn’t have saved it.

“Wanting revenge, the Burley Oaks players scored straight after with another good goal, so the score was 1-1. Both teams now wanted another goal so all was to play for. Kara Atkinson in year 6 scored another good goal in the corner making it 2-1 to Ben Rhydding. Jess Mckay in Year 4 scored another goal so it was 3-1.

Suddenly, Burley Oaks scored a goal from a corner kick in, so it was then 3-2. It was a hard, fair game and both teams could have won.”

Pictured are: back l-r:Evelyn Keirs, Abigail Elms, Rebecca Bridgen, Edith Eccles, and Isla Tate. Front row L-R - Lydia Green, Jessica McKay, Evelyn Kennedy and Kara Atkinson.