CHILDREN at Burley Oaks Primary School took part in a very special pantomime - Cinderella - which was written by their talented music teacher Mrs Newton.

Writing to the Gazette and Observer to let us know about their production, the children of Key Stage 1 said: “ This year, we have performed Cinderella and our show is very special because our teacher, Mrs Newton, wrote it especially for us. All the songs were written by her too, and our parents were absolutely flabbergasted!

“The songs are awesome and so is the script and the acting…even if we do say so ourselves. We sang our hearts out all the way through and really brought the house down. “Nobody had ever heard any of the songs before so we were lucky that we got to sing originals.

“We knocked socks off the whole way through. You wouldn’t believe that we are only five, six and seven because we were so professional. We were accompanied by Madonna, Cliff Richard and a bit of Handel to boot. It was totally bonkers.

“This was not just a Christmas show…this was a Burley Oaks Christmas show! And they are one of a kind!”