LOOKING for a thrilling January?

Ruth Ellis, who in 1955 became the last woman in Britain to be hanged, is the subject of Amanda Whittington’s play The Thrill of Love, which explores her notoriety and introduces you to the woman behind the headlines.

Told in part through the eyes of a police detective, Jack Gale, the play examines what led Ruth Ellis, a single mother, to shoot her lover David Blakley outside a London pub.

To make ends meet Ruth worked in nightclubs – the ones at the seedier end of the spectrum – alongside other girls with big dreams and impossible wishes of escaping the life they were trapped in. The play is appealingly presented in a Film Noir style; through the eyes of the detective the audience is invited to work alongside him to solve the mystery.

Writer Amanda Whittington (who’s also the author of Ladies Day) explores the seedy world of escorts, of controlling rich men, of women and their support network of friendships, against a backdrop of jealousy, violence and love. We’re led via both humour and drama, to a deeper understanding of what can drive a woman along the road to murder.

Finally, the Playhouse is looking forward to presenting a brand-new Poetry and Novel course! Over ten weeks, participants can read and discuss poems inspired by two pairs of novels: History of Mr. Polly and Howards End, plus Sons and Lovers and Portrait of the Artist. We’ll examine the lives of the authors and the critical context to the novels.

The course runs weekly on Thursday mornings from 24th January. More information can be found on the Ilkley Playhouse website. Remember, tickets for plays, music events comedy and poetry courses could make the perfect last-minute present if you still have a stocking to fill! Have a look at our website for more gift ideas.

Tickets for The Thrill of Love can be bought online at www.ilkleyplayhouse.co.uk or by calling 01943 609539 during box office opening times.