ARTISAN sausage makers Primal Cut have become the UK’s first approved partner with US health experts, WHOLE 30.

The award winning sausage makers, based in Burley-in-Wharfedale, have a growing reputation for delicious hand-crafted gluten free sausages. Their free range pork sausages are made with no added sugar, nitrites of artificial preservatives and are perfect for health conscious foodies.

WHOLE30 is a simple nutrition “reset” programme developed in the US by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig who writes: “During my last trip to London, I hit some UK grocery stores to see what a Whole30’er across the pond might expect to find. Two years ago, the options were extremely limited, especially when it came to naturally-raised and fed animal protein. (“But we don’t have compliant sausage here!” was a common refrain.) Ever since I’ve been eagerly looking to expand our Whole30 Approved reach into the UK, and today, the day is here! I’m so pleased to introduce our very first Whole30 Approved® partner in the UK: Primal Cut!”

Primal Cuts real food sausages will make WHOLE 30 meal creation simpler and tastier. They offer 23 varieties of all natural sausage from locally sourced certified free range farms. Their range includes truffle and porcini mushroom, Mexican chorizo and the currywurst.

Melissa says “Their commitment to animal welfare and traditional salumi (sausage making) techniques, and their desire to serve our Whole30 (and the paleo/primal) community, makes them the perfect inaugural inductees into our UK Whole30 Approved partner program.”

Michael Oliver, head salumist at Primal Cut said: “It’s great news for Primal Cut that our sausages have been recognised amongst the health conscious community. They are an artisan product, a real food made of simple, natural ingredients. Our sausages are a great natural compliment to the Whole 30 challenge which has been a successful nutrition re set programme for millions of people all over the world”.

Primal Cut sell their sausages online and are also regular stall holders at local farmers markets and Otley Market most Saturdays.