A Horsforth-based logistics expert is arguing that the “Norway Plus” option is the least damaging practical form of Brexit for the area’s companies trading with EU countries.

Adam Johnson, director of Tudor International Freight said: “For the UK overall, as government analyses published last week made clear and Chancellor Philip Hammond has acknowledged, no plausible form of Brexit is likely to deliver future economic benefits equalling those we’d derive as a full EU member.

“Although those analyses excluded the deal Mrs May has agreed, they did forecast the ‘Norway’ option would be the least damaging main alternative, resulting in UK GDP being 1.4 per cent per person lower in 15 years’ time than it would be if we stayed in the EU. This compares with reductions per head of up to 2.7 per cent with the Prime Minister’s now-abandoned Chequers proposals and 8.1 per cent if we leave the bloc without a deal.”