PRINCE Henry’s Grammar School has responded to a number of points that have been raised about its 3G pitch plan.

Referring to claims that some householders only recently found out about the scheme, they said: “We first wrote to residents in mid-May. We also publicised the May meeting in the Wharfedale & Aireborough Observer.

“The meeting was very well attended by residents from both sides of the school, who had the opportunity to speak to many members of the Leadership Team and of the project team.

“Many residents who were unable to attend rang school and were added to our e-mail update list and offered the opportunity to talk to Pippa McPherson, who is available throughout the day. Letters were hand delivered to properties whose house and gardens bordered the two potential sites.”

In response to criticism of the online survey, they said: “Some of the survey questions were more general as the survey was also used to gather feedback on Otley facilities in general.

“All the communications regarding the survey, which were also hand delivered to all properties which border the PHGS site, showed a clear drawing of the proposed pitch location. The information sent to local clubs, parents and carers and the local newspaper also contained this drawing.”

The school has also given assurances that the trees bordering the proposed development site would not be damaged by the work, and that the facility’s floodlights would ensure light falls ‘on the Prince Henry’s side of the tree line’.

In terms of environmental/pollution concerns, they added: “No chemicals are applied to the pitch and there is no jet washing or other application of water, only rainwater.”

Addressing the issue of noise, they say that an acoustic barrier will help reduce noise levels from the pitch, and note that: “Spectators have to be quietly respectful under FA guidelines and this is enforced by the referee.”

Finally, referring to the choice of location, they said: “Both Leeds City Council and the Football Foundation are keen that the facility is used during the day, which reduces the options for locations. The issues of security, access and maintenance access have also been considered.”

They added that ‘difficult’ access to school land beside Wharfemeadows Park, and poor parking, ruled that out as an alternative site.