WORK is set to start to improve safety at one of Yeadon’s most dangerous junctions.

The scheme at the busy Harper Lane, Henshaw Lane, Ivegate junction will begin on Monday December 10 and is expected to take about seven working days.

The work has been welcomed by the town’s three ward councillors.

“This is one of the most dangerous junctions in Yeadon, and the one we get most complaints about,” said Cllr Ryk Downes.

“It has difficult sight lines with traffic wanting to follow different directions, all of which is difficult to do safely”.

Cllr Sandy Lay said: “The proposal is to alter the carriageway, realign the footpaths and introduce a mini roundabout. This is designed to make turning easier and reduce the number of cars queuing to enter the junction”.

Cllr Colin Campbell added: “We hope this will improve traffic and pedestrian safety and will compliment the Speed Indicator Device we recently managed to get installed on Henshaw Lane.”