A VOLUNTARY group is expanding because a growing number of people are seeking information about its low carbohydrate message.

Low Carb Skipton holds monthly meetings in the evenings but such has been the demand that monthly daytime meetings have now been introduced.

The evening meetings, which are attracting people from across North and West Yorkshire, are also being organised to accommodate those who cannot make the evening events.

The group is a strong advocate of low carb/healthy fats eating which it says can bring huge benefits to diabetics, people with other serious conditions and those who want to get healthier and fitter.

Group founder Verner Wheelock said: “More and more people across the country are switching on to the low carb message and that has been reflected locally with a rapidly growing interest in our own group. We are therefore expanding our meetings programme but the afternoon meetings have also been introduced to help those who want to attend but can’t make it in the evenings particularly across the winter months.”

Dr Wheelock, a former leading lecturer in food science, said the low carb approach had resulted in a number of Low Carb Skipton members achieving a dramatic improvement in their blood glucose levels which, he said, echoed the stunning results being achieved in many other parts of the world.

The meetings are open forums where discussions and presentations are held, and information is given out on the low carb benefits to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and general well being. Low carb/healthy fats recipes are also circulated.

The next afternoon meeting is at the Rendezvous Hotel on Wednesday, November 21, at 2pm. Everyone is welcome.

For more details contact Verner Wheelock on 01535 636008 or at verner.wheelock@vwa.co.uk.