LEEDS Trinity University students are celebrating after Channel 4 announced that its second Headquarters will be in Leeds.

The Horsforth-based university, which offers a variety of degrees including Journalism, Media, TV Production and Film, is welcoming the announcement which it believes will provide exciting opportunities for its students and graduates. Leeds Trinity offers two professional work placements with every degree and already works with a number of media companies.

Glyn Middleton, Senior Lecturer in Broadcast Media at Leeds Trinity University and one of the founders of the Leeds-based independent TV production company, True North, said: "This is absolutely brilliant news for Leeds, all those working in the creative and media industries in the city and surrounding areas – and especially for all those students trying to secure a foothold in a hugely competitive industry.

"Production of film and TV is already booming in the Yorkshire region, but the decision by Channel 4 to establish a national HQ in Leeds is a real game-changer, confirming the city’s reputation as a centre for creative excellence on a national and international level.

"We look forward to working closely with Channel 4 in its new base, and will continue to supply a rich and diverse range of high-calibre graduates as the city’s status as an industry powerhouse grows."

After Channel 4 committed to transferring around 300 staff from the 800 working at its Westminster headquarters to a new location outside London, it launched a competition to find its new home. Birmingham, Greater Manchester and Leeds were shortlisted, after Channel 4 bosses visited 13 cities and regions.

Carrie Doyle, who is a second-year TV Production student, said: "Having a company like Channel 4 on your doorstep is just completely invaluable and will be an incredible opportunity for any student. Yorkshire is already a very creative hub but it this will just bring even more creativity. It’s exciting for Channel 4 to see that."