BEN RHYDDING will face massive parking problems if new restrictions are brought in for the centre of Ilkley, it is being claimed.

The proposed restrictions are a “myopic solution” according to Craven councillor Adrian Naylor.

Bradford Council is proposing to adopt the recommendations of a parking review conducted by consultants, Steer Davies and Gleave but asked local people’s views on them during a public consultation which closed on October 19.

The recommendations include permit parking in residential areas immediately surrounding the town centre, prohibited parking areas to improve traffic flow, and town centre pay and display parking with an initial free grace period.

But the proposals could have a knock-on effect on Ben Rhydding according to Cllr Naylor. He says he has already been contacted by Addingham residents who are now planning to park at Ben Rhydding to take the train into Leeds.

He said: “Two of them have said they have already marked out routes and are going to park at Ben Rhydding Station.

“These are professional people who are commuting into Leeds. From that point of view they have seen the proposals and worked out their solution.”

He stressed: “I think it is interesting that people have already gone and scoped out their alternatives.

“I pity the residents of Ben Rhydding because they are going to end up with massive parking problems because they are the next station down the line.”

The proposals have also been criticised by Ilkley councillor Martin Smith who stressed that that an all town solution was needed rather than just a focus on the centre.

He argued that Bradford needed to come up with better ideas on Ilkley’s car parking problems. He said possible solutions were zoning, an extra floor on Tesco’s car park or an out of town car park off the Addingham bypass.

He supported some aspects of the proposals such as yellow lines at “pinch points” but is concerned that cars will go further into residential areas unless there is a park and ride at the west end of town.

Ilkley councillor Anne Hawkesworth is also concerned that Ben Rhydding will suffer the brunt of displaced parking and she argued that restrictions are also needed there.

She said contract parking was needed for business users in the town.