IMPROVED infrastructure for the “neglected” North is being called for by Otley’s MP.

Leeds North West MP Alex Sobel argued the need for more investment after attending a meeting of the Airport Operators Association in the city.

The meeting, which included representatives from all the northern airports, looked at the impact of Brexit on the industry as well as problems surrounding infrastructure.

Mr Sobel said airport operators, including Leeds Bradford Airport, were underlining the need for better infrastructure if the industry is to thrive.

Aviation generates £52bn per year for the UK economy and is host to one million UK jobs.

But Mr Sobel said road and rail access to airports, were considered very poor, particularly in the North.

Improved access links to Leeds Bradford airport are being planned, including the Parkway Station, set for completion in 2023.

Phil Forster, from Leeds Bradford Airport, said: “It is no secret that our airport is in need of new infrastructure. We want to ensure that we get the economic benefits of new international business and grow in a sustainable way that doesn’t hurt existing infrastructure. Smooth passage to and from the Airport benefits both passengers and local road users and allows us to create new jobs in the area.”

Mr Sobel stressed: “Infrastructure in the North has been neglected for far too long. We have seen billions pumped into London and the south east including Crossrail, HS1 and the Channel Tunnel. This equates to £400 more per person per year than we enjoy in the north.

“This can be seen across our transport system. Our trains are 30 years old, unreliable and slow, our roads are clogged, and our airports are falling behind our national and international counterparts due to the lack of serious investment.

“The new Parkway station is an important and realistic start, but we want to see much greater investment in the coming years, so we can really revolutionise our transport system here in Leeds.

“I look forward to the publication of Northern Powerhouse Rail (Previously HS3) and will be regularly meeting with Transport for the North to ensure that Leeds gets the maximum benefit.”