IF you’ve enjoyed the Great British Bake-Off this year, you can carry on the fun by joining 2016 finalist Andrew Smyth at Otley Courthouse next Saturday for his engineering and baking show, Bakineering in Space.

Andrew wowed audiences when he was on Bake-Off with cleverly constructed cake marvels, but he’s also an engineer and finds amazing links between science and sweet treats. He is coming to Otley to talk about the connections between cake and space engineering. How does a retro dessert explain how astronauts return safely from orbit? What does molten sugar have to do with keeping safe from micro-meteorites? And can we eat any of it? Expect out-of-this-world baking and awesome engineering in this family show at the Courthouse at 7.30pm on Saturday, November 10.

There is also eating involved at the regular Science Lunch, where a relaxed talk and questions follows a delicious buffet lunch. This year Peter Hine of the University of Leeds talks about how useful modern materials develop from ideas thought up in the laboratory into everyday products you can buy. He is behind a new material that is now providing smart, tough and lightweight luggage for Samsonite – and tells the story here. This is your chance to quiz a physicist about the tricky physics of designing new materials. He is speaking at the Courthouse at 12.30pm on Friday, November 9 and you need to buy a ticket in advance.

Marty Jopson, of BBC’s The One Show, is returning with a new family show this year, examining the weird world of the super-small. His Invisible Worlds: a microscopic safari show on Monday, November 5 will have more surprises than your average firework display, as Marty tackles tiny things, made large on screen. He will show hugely magnified insects, plants and even bacteria, using interactive demonstrations and even samples from the audience. Marty will beat the Courthouse at 7.30pm on Monday.

The Science Festival runs from November 5 -10 at Otley Courthouse, with a Science Café, talks, a science-themed film from the Film Club (The Shape of Water) and, on Saturday, November 10, the free family Science Fair at the Courthouse from 10am and 4pm. Find out more at the Otley Science Festival website (https://otleysciencefestival.co.uk/festival/) and buy tickets at the Courthouse, in person, by phone (01943 467466) or online (https://otleycourthouse.org.uk).