TWO of the region’s most innovative community groups are coming together for a special meeting next week.

Low Carb Skipton, which highlights the wide-ranging health benefits of low carbohydrate eating, is staging the event.

The group will welcome Ilkley-based Behind the Woman, which looks at various health and well-being issues including the menopause.

Low Carb Skipton founder Verner Wheelock said: “We aim to look at some of the common interests of the two groups, particularly the relationships between carbs and various medical conditions.”

Dr Wheelock will deliver a talk on the huge range of medical problems caused by sugar, and will tackle the ‘huge benefits’ of low carb/high fats eating to people with serious illnesses, particularly Type 2 diabetes.

But he will also talk about the recent world-leading Leeds University research which established links between carbohydrates and the timing of the onset of the menopause.

Dr Wheelock, a former Special Professor of Food Science at Nottingham University, said: "There is unassailable evidence showing the detrimental effects of high carb/low fat eating on serious conditions from diabetes to obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

“In the case of diabetes recent science shows that this high carb eating regime is nothing short of disastrous.

“Now with this Leeds research we see there is also a link between carbohydrates and the timing of menopause onset. This is the first time this connection has been established, and it opens the door to further research into this link.”

Meanwhile Angela Hindhaugh, founder of Behind the Woman, will discuss how to combat the onslaught of ageing and degenerative diseases, including diabetes. She will highlight a breakthrough in medical science involving a natural food supplement, clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress.

The Low Carb Skipton meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday (October 15) at Skipton’s Rendezvous Hotel. For more details contact Verner Wheelock on 01535 636008 or

Behind the Woman is a health and wellbeing meetings/events group based in Ilkley, designed to support women through midlife and beyond.

Monthly meetings are held at The Wheatley Arms covering all aspects of health and wellbeing, such as menopause, healthy ageing, self care, healthy eating and relaxation.

Each month there is a different speaker followed by a lively discussion.

The group was formed in February to address the confusion that exists around menopause and perimenopause.

The next group event is a celebration of World Menopause Day on Thursday October 18 at Pranzo in Ben Rhydding with writer Carla Day talking about her new book One Leg Out featuring her own menopause journey. Italian anti-pasti and a glass of red wine are included. Tickets available on Eventbrite.

To contact founder Angela Hindhaugh go to @behindthewoman1 on Twitter; @behindthewoman1 on Facebook or email her on