ILKLEY Round Table is pleased to have contributed to the purchase of a communication aid for LS29 member Joe. Now seven years old Joe was born with Joubert Syndrome like his older sister, which affects the area of the brain that controls movement, balance, proprioception and co-ordination which means Joe experiences difficulties forming words verbally. In addition Joe is also autistic and this has contributed to the social communication difficulties he has which has meant that up until now he has not really been sufficiently motivated to work at his communication skills. This has however changed and Joe was actively trying to sign and also to use his sister’s communication aid. This is not being well received by his sister, who would do anything to help her brother short of letting him share her voice!

Joe’s mum Helen said: “We were keen to get Joe his own communication aid to allow Joe to learn and progress particularly whilst Joe had the motivation to use it.”

Joe’s sister, Charlotte, has a speech aid which she uses brilliantly and her parents are really proactive with it and her. She is very bright and spoke at a recent Ilkley Round Table business meeting using it.

Guy Weston, community service officer for Ilkley Round Table said: “We discussed the application at length and we felt it was a very good cause for us to support.”

The speech aid was delivered to Joe September 21and watching Joe unwrap it Joe’s mum Helen said “I am literally crying happy tears!”