A BUMPER number of entries has helped deliver a ‘fantastic’ Norwood Show and Sports Day.

The 2018 event was held at Norwood Social Hall on Saturday, September 15 and featured everything from a life-size scarecrow competition to Wellie throwing and egg and spoon races.

The competitive classes included vehicles created out of fruit and vegetables which resulted in some impressive-looking carrot car entries and tractors with grapefruit wheels.

Other children’s categories that proved popular included Miniature Farm in a Shoe Box, Heaviest Slug, Edible Necklace and Floating Flower Heads.

The adult classes featured baking, vegetable and fruit sections along with wildlife photography and home-made bird boxes.

Show Secretary Helen Ellis said: “The show was once again a great success and it was a bumper year for entries - we had more than 100 more than last year.

“A big thank you to all those who took the time to enter, especially the children who did a fantastic job in both the handicraft and baking classes.

“Whilst the handicraft and baking entries were being judged the parents, grandparents and friends watched the children compete in the races and fun was had by all.

“A huge thanks goes to the helpers on the day, who very kindly gave up their Saturday afternoon.”

Hope Garnham was one of the big winners, receiving the Fred Hathaway Rosebowl for the best miniature farm in a shoe box and the Atkinson Family Trophy for the best Vegetable/Fruit Vehicle in show.

She also won the Mid Washburn Valley Millennium cup for the highest points earned by a child aged ten and over.

Katie Wills won the Silver Show trophy for the highest points earned by a child aged nine and under, while Charlotte Brotherton won the Shirley Lancaster trophy for the most points in children’s baking.

Charlie Robinson won the Junior Sports Trophy, Harry Ellis won the Intermediate Sports trophy for the third year and Sophie Dixon won the Senior Sports Trophy.

Holly Roberts won the trophy for the best Scarecrow and in the adult classes Sue Barrett won the Dawson-Patrick trophy for the highest points earned and Mark Jarman won the Men’s Only Baking medal.

Norwood Show 2018 Full Results:
Children’s classes (1st to 3rd)
Floating Flower Heads: Katie Wills, Harry Ellis, Oliver Barrett
“Miniature” Farm in a shoe box: Hope Garnham, Katie Wills, Eleanor Ashby
Heaviest Slug: Freddie Robinson, Hope Garnham, Katie Wills
Decorated Hard Boiled Egg: Elena Dinsdale, Charlotte Brotherton, Lucy Hill
Hama Beads – Halloween: Jayne Ellis, Freddie Robinson, Eve Dinsdale
Vegetable/Fruit Vehicle: Hope Garnham, Harry Ellis, Freddie Robinson
A4 Picture made from leaves: Elena Dinsdale, Katie Wills, Hope Garnham
Edible Necklace: Katie Wills, Harry Ellis, Holly Roberts 
The very hungry caterpillar made from egg box (under 5): Eliza Broadbent, Emily Barrett
Handwriting age 5 & under:  Elsie Daniel, Charlie Robinson, Jemima Kirby
Handwriting age 6-8: Jake Ward, Rosie Porter, Nell Carter
Handwriting age 9 and over: Emily Fisher, Niamh Robinson, Libby Garbutt
Picture outline age 5 and under: Thomas Wills, Emily Barrett, Mia Parker
Picture outline age 6-8: Harry Ellis, Noah Robinson, Arthur Cole
Picture outline age 9 and over: Jayne Ellis, Sam Nickson, Eleanor Ashby
Choc Chip Cookies: Charlotte Brotherton, Katie Wills, Thomas Wills
Fruit Scones: Charlotte Brotherton, Oliver Barrett, Katie Wills 
Decorated Digestive Biscuits: Jayne Ellis, Hope Garnham, George Ashby
Jelly in a glass: Evie Broadbent, Evie Broadbent, Sarah Hinde
A Fruit Kebab: Hope Garnham, Alan Ryder, Katie Wills
Marshmallow Crispy age 8 and under: Evie Broadbent, Thomas Wills, Harry Ellis
Marble Sponge Cake age 9 and over: Jayne Ellis, Charlotte Brotherton, Hope Garnham
Poster for Halloween Disco: Eleanor Ashby, Sarah Hinde, Hope Garnham
Adult classes (1st to 3rd)
4 Parkin Squares: Sue Barrett, Shirley Lancaster, Janet Ryder
4 Sausage Rolls: Sue Barrett, Shirley Lancaster, Michelle Jarman
Tea Loaf: Cath Nickson, Julie Roberts, Helen Broadbent
Victoria Sponge Cake: Angela Brotherton, Sue Barrett, Julie Roberts
Colouring: Helen Broadbent, Sue Barrett, Emma Wills 
4 Root Vegetables: Shirley Dawson, Annette Dinsdale, Adrian Roberts
4 Tomatoes: Vicky Cook, Helen Ellis, Steven Atkinson
4 Apples: Sue Barrett, Janet Ryder
4 Other Vegetable: Steven Barrett, Steven Barrett, Sue Barrett
Photo- Wildlife: Adrian Roberts, Adrian Roberts, Angela Brotherton
Homemade Bird Box: Sue Barrett, Sue Barrett, Steven Barrett
3 Fresh Eggs: Emma Wills, Steven Atkinson, Steven Barrett
Men Only – Chocolate Cake: Mark Jarman, Neil Dinsdale, Stephen Ryder
Scarecrow Competition: Holly Roberts, Sarah Hinde, Jayne and Harry Ellis
Sports (1st to 3rd)
Norwood Charities Junior Sport Shield: Charlie Robinson, Tom Wills, Alan Ryder
Norwood Charities Intermediate Sport Shield: Harry Ellis, Freddie Robinson, Grace Fisher
Norwood Charities Senior Sport Shield: Sophie Dixon, Jayne Ellis, Georgia Featherstone