BRADFORD Festival Choral Society (BFCS) Bradford’s biggest choir, wants to appoint a champion to promote choral music among young adults.

Rob Voakes, a trustee with BFCS, said: “We want to spread the message that choral music is for everyone, including young people.

“We have an ambitious plan to encourage this group. We’ve slashed the cost of membership, made tickets free for 30 year olds and under and are taking the choir out of the concert hall and into the community.

“We are a self-funding charity. We have no big grants or reserves, but this project is so important to us we are offering an honorarium of £400 to the right person.

“In return for helping the choir, this is a career enhancing experience for someone interested in music and arts promotion. I’d encourage anyone interested to contact me on 07961 776 131 Rob Voakes, trustee, Bradford Festival Choral Society.”